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Click a question below for more information. activities are neither "for" nor "against" the legality of medical marijuana. We recognize this is a complicated subject in the medical, legal and political communities. However, regardless of the wide range of philosophical differences, medical marijuana has been approved as a treatment option in more than 30 states. Despite this approval, educational resources regarding medical marijuana's therapeutic use, efficacy, impact and counterindications are scarce. Our activities deliver an unbiased, evidence based analysis of approved conditions for treatment, with thoughtful discussion regarding marijuana's risks and benefits.'s goal is neither to promote nor criticize the use of medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes. The purpose of our CME activities is to help physicians separate fact from myth regarding medical marijuana treatment, make informed decisions and meet state guidelines (where applicable) if recommendation is considered.

The Medical Marijuana Certification Course is for certain states that have specific CME requirements that a physician must meet before recommending medical marijuana to patients. Medical Marijuana Best Practices is for states that do not have a specific CME requirement, but recommend more general knowledge of the risks and benefits of medical marijuana. In these instances, the state's approved conditions and practice details are still included. When you select your state of practice, you will be directed to the appropriate activity.

Even if a state does not list specific training requirements for recommending medical marijuana, most will require physicians to explain the risks and benefits of its use when counseling patients. Like any other form of medical advice, it is important to understand the efficacy of a treatment for a medical condition, prior to making a recommendation. Medical marijuana science, treatments and counterindications are evolving rapidly. It is always important to inform your decisions in the care of your patients, whether the training is "required" or not.

The information provided on this website and within's CME activities are for general education purposes only. It is the physician/medical professional/caregiver's responsibility to be aware of their professional and legal requirements before they can recommend medical marijuana to patients. While will provide useful information for your practice, it does not assume your professional responsibility on your behalf.
Furthermore, participants have an implied responsibility to use the newly acquired information to enhance patient outcomes and their own professional development. The information presented in these activities are not meant to serve as a guideline for patient management. Any procedures, medications, or other courses of diagnosis or treatment discussed in these educational activities should not be used by clinicians without evaluation of patient conditions and possible contraindications on dangers in use, review of any applicable product information and comparison with recommendations of other authorities.

You are welcome to take these courses for general information purposes, even if it is not legal to recommend medical marijuana in your state of practice. More knowledge is never a bad thing. However, we do not condone, promote or in any way authorize activity that would be considered illegal in your, or any, state. It is the healthcare provider's responsibility to understand and follow their state's laws regulating medical practice.

Yes! Each CME applicant will need their own account in order to be eligible for credit, but we do offer quantity discounts for group purchases. If you are interested in a group purchase, please contact us directly at

Our legal department updates the state medical marijuana program information approximately every six months.

You can access our CME activities immediately upon completing your order.

If you are not satisfied with the program you purchased, refund requests should be emailed to Our time limit for refunds is 7 days from the date the program is purchased. If you have already applied for CME credit for a program, or viewed more than half of its content, we cannot provide a refund.

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Yes! Each activity is worth 4 AMA PRA Category I Credits™

When in the program, you will note a CME button in the Main and Program Menus. This will link you to your CME page, where you can complete the Learner Information, Post Test and Evaluation. Once you complete these steps, you can immediately save and/or print your CME certificate by clicking the Retrieve Certificate button at the bottom of the page. Only registered account holders are eligible to receive credit.

While tests are required for CME and Certification purposes, we make them as user friendly as possible. Post Tests for these activities are comprised of 10 True/False questions. You will complete the Post Test at the end of the activity. If you answer a Post Test question incorrectly, our CME website will advise you of this and allow you to re-answer the question, prior to submittal. Once you achieve a score of 70% or higher, you can submit your CME application.

Our online activities are account based, so only the account holder can apply for credit for a program.

While these activities are designed for physicians, any healthcare professional could benefit from the educational content herein. It is recommended that you check with your profession's continuing education requirements to verify that the AMA PRA Category I Credits™ will be accepted for certification purposes.

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Once you purchase an activity, it is placed into your Account. You can access it immediately through the link at the bottom of your receipt. Even if you cannot locate your receipt, you can always access your activities by visiting and logging in to access your account. Once you are logged in, click Account at the top of the page and then "Click here to access your Streaming Activities."

Yes, your Online Streaming activity will be in your Account, which you can access through any computer or device with an online connection. Just advance to, login, and click Account to access.

When you leave your Online Streaming activity, your place is automatically bookmarked in your Account. When you return and click on your Activity, just click Resume to pick up where you left off. The Resume function will work even if you are switching between devices.

We implemented an account system for all customers in order to enable the online streaming functions for our activities. Your user Account will keep track of your orders, offer immediate access to their content and allow for expedited awarding of CME certificates. Your account, and all of its features, can be accessed from any computer or device connected online.

Our programs are account based, and only one person can apply for credit from a purchased activity. We do offer discounts for larger quantity purchases within a practice. For more information regarding our quantity discount program, please contact us at

Yes! Our CME activities will scale perfectly to play on any mobile device with an online connection. Additionally, you will have the option to download slides and/or MP3 audio for every presentation.

Yes! Our CME activities will play on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. without issue.

If you have a "Smart" TV that can access the internet, you can play any of our online streaming activities. Additionally, most modern televisions can also function as computer monitors, so you can plug in your computer or device to watch on the big screen.

We have no plans to remove any activities from our Online Streaming service. If that ever changes, you will be given an opportunity to own an external file of the content. All slides and audio of the presentations are currently downloadable following purchase.

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